360° Camera System
  • Control of four image sensors
  • Image data acquisition
  • Image processing in hardware and on ARM A53 CPUs using Linux
Audio Mixer
  • Mixing of I2S input and output audio streams
  • Control via CPU interface
  • Audio gain control
  • Audio metering
LED Display controller
  • uncompressed video networking over ethernet
  • gigabit ethernet 3-port switch
  • video frame and control message handling
  • Ethernet Stack in hardware
  • control of LED drivers
Beamer Controller
  • Ethernet Interface to FPGA running Linux on two ARM A9 CPUs
  • storage of images on SD Card
  • Hardware controlled output of image sequences via HDMI
CAN FD Data Measurement
  • FPGA and CPU control of a CAN FD IP Core
  • Data Aquisition of CAN FD data streams
  • Bundling of the data into AXI Stream
Image Sensor HiSPi Interface
  • HiSPI Interface
  • Image Demosaicking
  • Image output via HDMI Interface
LED Array Controller
  • Serial data forwarding between LED_Array modules
  • LED brightness control
  • Controlling of LED drivers
ADC Interface for a Linear Collider
  • LVDS Interfaces to high-spped ADCs
  • Measurement Data caching in memory
  • Measurement Data processing
Avionic ARINC Bus Interfacing
  • Parallel CPU interface
  • ARINC717 und ARINC429 interfaces
  • Bridge between CPU and ARINC interfaces
BT656 to i.MX CSI Bridge
  • BT656 Receiver
  • Triple Buffering, Scaler, Clipper
  • i.MX CSi Interface
Video 2D -> 3D conversation
  • LVDS from display controller
  • LVDS output to display
  • realtime 2D -> 3D conversation 1920x1080p x 60
  • design security
Printhead Controller
  • PCIe interface betwenn FPGA and CPU
  • Serial interface to PrintHeads
  • Pixel based print data formating, conversation and serialisation
  • Controlling of the print operation
Cameras to Display Adaptation
  • 4 BT656 interfaces, Triple Buffering, Scaler, Overlay
  • Display Controller
Video 2D->3D conversation
  • HDMI input and output (1920 x 1080p x 60)
  • realtime 2D->3D conversation
  • Scaling, Triple Buffering, OnScreenDisplay
Ethernet-Laser Bridge
  • 100 MBit/s Ethernet to LVDS Bridge
  • 1 GBit/s Ethernet to Transceiver Bridge
  • ext. DDR-SDRAM memory as frame buffer
  • CRC validity check of frames
DVI over Ethernet
  • FPGA with DVI and Ethernet interfaces
  • DVI reception
  • Data conversion to Art-Net Ethernet
Audio Routing System
  • Audio TDM Bus
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface for Audio data
  • 2048 Audio channels
  • Audio channel multiplexing and mixing
Measurement Data Acquisition System
  • Sensor interfaces
  • Data filtering and collecting
  • Ethernet interface to host system